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Introduction to teaching results

  •        With the rapid development of 4G and 5G era, the application of a new generation of information technology has changed people's lifestyle and service mode, and the training of modern business professionals must adapt to it。In view of the problems existing in talent training, such as unclear training objectives, traditional training mode, and imperfect education integration platform and school-enterprise cooperative education mechanism。Rely on provincial e-commerce characteristics professional construction。According to The State Council's "20 Articles on Vocational Education" and Shandong Province's "Ministry-Province Joint Construction of vocational education Innovation and Development Highland" and other policy documents, the concept of "integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation is an important measure and the only way to develop vocational education" is clear。Integrating resources, seeking methods, seizing opportunities, and scientific planning, Dachuang proposed the "School + Industrial Park" dual park to integrate modern business professionals training。

          Since 2012, we have deepened the concept of collaborative education, investigated regional development and social talent demand, and clearly defined the goal of cultivating high-quality modern business professionals who can analyze data, operate and plan, familiar customer management, and smart marketing。In 2016, the College cooperated with Yunchuang Intelligent Science and Technology Industrial Park to jointly complete the construction of the training base for the integration of production and education, and innovate the "garden within the garden" dual park integration mechanism。The integration of the two parks guarantees the school-enterprise cooperative education mechanism,依此,We construct the "dual agent",Two-circle situation,Dual training,"Advanced ability" of the new mode of talent training: double teacher lead,strengthen moral education and cultivate people,Solid foundation quality ability;Two-circle situation,German skills and cultivation,Enhance professional and technical capabilities;Binary agent,Resource integration,We will strengthen our capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship。Integrating the superior resources of "double parks", the school and enterprise jointly set up a professional construction steering committee to determine the modern apprenticeship teaching mode of double-subject education, docking the enterprises in the park, job-oriented courses, task-based modules, restructuring the curriculum system, and optimizing the teaching content。Combined with local economic characteristics and professional advantages, school-enterprise cooperation promotes local economic development, builds a new service mechanism of "co-construction, sharing, and win-win", trains talents to support agriculture and farmers, promotes the development of rural e-commerce industry, and achieves the benefit of agriculture and rural revitalization。 Results Six years of practice, in promoting the quality of education, social and economic services to enhance, Remarkable results have been achieved in professional construction。In recent years, students have participated in various skills competitions and achieved excellent results Provincial third prize above 42;The employment rate is 100%, the counterpart employment rate is more than 85%, and the enterprise satisfaction is high.Students' ability to innovate and start businesses has been enhanced。Since 2017, we have continuously helped a number of e-commerce brands to operate, completed the total sales increase year by year, led students to set up live stores, helped farmers sell agricultural and sideline products through new media marketing, and completed a total sales of more than 6 billion yuan。The "integration of two parks" mechanism has enhanced professional development capabilities,Fruitful landmark achievements,In July 2021, the e-commerce professional group was successfully established in the construction of high-level professional groups in the province, In September, the education model won the second prize in the outstanding achievement selection of "Deepening the reform of College Entrance Examination and Improving the quality of Education" by the Provincial Department of Education, In November, the education model was rated as "Demonstration Case of Employment Competitiveness of Higher Vocational Colleges" by China Youth Newspaper.。The education model has been applied in more than ten fraternal colleges and universities, and has received good results。


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