Notice on the application of the 2023 "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" demonstration course construction project

Date: 2023-03-14 Publisher:

Each teaching unit:
To fully implement the fundamental task of moral cultivation,Thoroughly implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education, provincial departments curriculum ideological and political construction work conference and other documents,Comprehensively promote school curriculum ideological and political construction,Continuously improve teachers' consciousness and ability of curriculum ideological and political construction,Guide teachers to assume the responsibility of education,The college decided to carry out 2023 "curriculum Ideology and Politics" demonstration course construction project application,Notice of relevant matters is as follows:
1. Guiding ideology
1.Give full play to the main channel and position of classroom teaching in educating people, and strive to implement the connotation of teaching and educating people in the main channel of classroom teaching。In classroom teaching, teachers should emphasize value guidance in knowledge transfer and integrate socialist core values into the whole process of curriculum teaching。
2.Teachers should sort out the content of the course and explore the ideological and political education elements contained in the course。At the same time, we should pay attention to the reform of teaching methods, teaching means, assessment methods and evaluation methods, encourage students to innovate, and take the improvement of classroom teaching quality as the standard to evaluate students' learning effect。
Second, construction requirements
2023Each college shall promote curriculum ideological and political construction in accordance with the requirements of relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and provincial departments, and carry out construction in accordance with the college model curriculum construction index (trial) (Annex 1)。
Iii. Declaration conditions and procedures
1.The curriculum has been incorporated into the talent training program, the implementation of credit management, and at least two semesters or two teaching cycles of construction and improvement。
2.The course accurately grasps the main line of "strengthening students' ideals and beliefs, educating students to love the Party, patriotism, socialism, people, and collective", combines the requirements and characteristics of their majors and the types of courses, deeply excavates the contained ideological and political education resources, and optimizes the supply of ideological and political content of the course。
3.The curriculum emphasizes the embodiment of professional characteristics, the integration of value shaping, knowledge imparting and ability training, the scientific design of course objectives and lesson plan courseware, the organic integration of ideological and political education into the course teaching, to achieve the silent effect of educating people。
4.The curriculum pays attention to the innovation of curriculum ideological and political construction mode, the teaching content reflects the ideology, cutting-edge and times, the teaching method reflects the advanced nature, interaction and pertinence, and forms the experience, results and mode for similar courses to learn from and share。
5.Courses may be taught by a single teacher or by a teaching team。Members of the course teaching team may not participate in more than 2 courses。
6.The course teachers have a firm political stance and good ethics。The course leader has a senior title and can accurately grasp the direction and focus of the course ideological and political construction, and integrate into the whole course teaching process。The curriculum teaching team has a reasonable structure, a clear division of tasks, a sound and effective implementation of collective teaching and research system, and regular teaching research and exchanges on curriculum ideological and political construction, with a high overall level of curriculum ideological and political construction。
7.The curriculum assessment method and evaluation method are perfect, the education effect is remarkable, the students' evaluation results are excellent, and the peer experts inside and outside the school are well evaluated, forming a higher level of curriculum ideological and political display results, which has a good demonstration radiation effect。
8.The curriculum reflects the characteristics of vocational education types, focuses on the combination of German and technical training, the combination of education and training, and organically integrates labor education, craftsman spirit, professional ethics, professional spirit and professional norms。
9.Joint application for courses is encouraged。Teachers of ideological and political theory courses or managers engaged in ideological and political work are encouraged to participate in curriculum design, teaching plan writing, teaching guidance, etc., as course co-builders。
10.Each college should complete the project construction of the demonstration course before the middle of September, and recommend the application of school-level curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses based on the best, and each college can recommend only 2 courses。
11.The school organized experts to conduct project review, selected a total of 10 school-level curriculum ideological and political demonstration course projects, and published the review results。
Iv. Acceptance requirements
1.A detailed curriculum standard。Curriculum standards should establish the curriculum goal of value shaping, ability training and knowledge imparted in a trinity, and in combination with the actual curriculum teaching content, clarify the integration point, teaching method and carrier of curriculum ideological and political education, pay attention to the organic connection and integration of ideological and political education and professional education, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of ideological and political education。
2.A set of reconstructed lesson plans。According to the above curriculum standards, the teaching plan which can reflect the characteristics of the curriculum ideological and political teaching reform is formulated。
3.A complete set of courseware。A complete set of courseware compiled according to the teaching plan。
4.A set of materials that demonstrate the process and effectiveness of curriculum development,Including: course ideological and political teaching cases, closely related to the course ideological and political theme of the micro-class video, demonstration of open class materials (text and high-definition photos), group lesson preparation or teaching seminar materials,And the feedback and perception of the students in this course,And other materials that can show the effect of reform。
Tasks 1 and 2 are submitted during the interim inspection, and tasks 3 and 4 are submitted during the final acceptance。If the same course construction period obtained provincial and above model courses can be exempted from acceptance。
6. Project management
1.The construction period of each course is usually 1 year。Selection shall begin from the date of document release, and the completion and acceptance shall be organized after the completion of construction。
2.The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for the establishment, inspection and acceptance of the project. The school where the project is established is the main body of the project construction and is responsible for the specific work of the project construction。According to the period and progress of project construction, the college will organize mid-term inspection and final acceptance。
7. Requirements for application materials
All departments should attach great importance to and actively do a good job in organizing and reporting。On April 10, 2023In advance, the paper version of the following declaration materials should be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office by the school as a unit, and all electronic versions should be sent to the email address of the Academic Affairs Office, incomplete materials will not be accepted, personal submission will not be accepted, overdue will not be accepted。
1.Texas TechVocational collegeApplication Form of "Course Ideology and Politics" Demonstration Course (Annex 2) in duplicate, printed on both sides, supporting materials directly attached to the back of the application form, no additional attachment is required。
2.Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology 2023 "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" demonstration course construction project Summary Table (Annex 3) in one copy, signed and sealed。
3.The list of construction projects of the 2023 College level "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" demonstration course (Annex 4) is made in 1 copy, signed and sealed。
                                   Office of Academic Affairs, Texas Science and Technology Vocational College
Construction index
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