Notice on selecting and building the first batch of school-level teachers' teaching innovation team

Date: 2023-05-16 Publisher:Office of teaching affairs

Each secondary system (department) :
      In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan,Implement the task of the Action Plan for Improving the Quality and Training of Vocational Education (2020-2023),Better play the role of teaching team,Deepen teaching reform,Develop teaching resources,Promote teaching discussion and exchange of teaching experience,Promote the teaching work and the combination of old, middle-aged and young,Improve the teaching level of teachers,Improve the quality of education and teaching,Cultivate excellent teaching teams to participate in provincial and municipal project evaluation。Now the first batch of school-level excellent teaching innovation team selection and construction work is carried out。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
      First, construction objectives
      1.Construction quantity: In 2023, it is proposed to build about 8 school-level teachers' teaching innovation teams。Recommended by each second-level department (department), the school selection and construction。
      2.Construction focus: The teaching innovation team of teachers should be based on the teaching reality, innovate the talent training model, and focus on promoting the teaching team, professional construction, curriculum construction, teaching reform and research, digital teaching resources construction and skills competition, so as to improve the teaching level and talent training quality。
      2. Declaration conditions
      Excellent teaching teams should be close to the school's school-running positioning and training characteristics, take professional groups or characteristic course groups as the construction platform, and have the following conditions:
      1.The team leader has outstanding ability。The team leader should be a professional leader with relevant professional background and rich corporate practice experience (experience);Have a sense of reform and innovation, high academic achievements, strong organization and coordination ability and cooperation spirit;In principle, he should have a senior title,Age is generally not more than 55 years old,Familiar with relevant professional teaching standards, vocational skill level standards and occupational standards,Experience in curriculum development。
      2.Reasonable team structure。The team members are relatively stable, and the backbone members are generally 10-20 and relatively stable (there must be high-level part-time teachers from the frontline of industry enterprises or personnel from scientific research institutes or industry associations), and the proportion of "double-qualified" teachers in the team is not less than 50%。Team members have noble ethics style, excellent professional quality, the courage to explore and innovate, dedication, teaching style, teaching and educating people, as a teacher, full cooperation, the overall advantage stands out。
      3.Remarkable achievements in teaching reform。Close integration of teaching and economic and social development, timely tracking of industry development and professional frontier, dynamic update of teaching content, pay attention to digital empowerment, attach importance to the construction of new form of teaching materials, deepen teaching reform, and innovate teaching mode。We attach great importance to practical teaching, research-based teaching and information-based teaching。Pay attention to the training of analytical problem-solving ability and practical innovation ability, teaching effect is good。
      4.Rich achievements in teaching and research。Combined with the reform of education and teaching, in-depth research on the new situation and new requirements in the development process of innovative talent training and vocational education, to guide practice with theory, the application of teaching and research results and personnel training closely, and constantly deepen education reform and promote education innovation。Complete school-level (including) and above educational reform projects。
      3. Working procedures
      (1) Declaration
      1.Each second-level department (department) shall, according to the declaration conditions, organize recommendation in accordance with the principle of selecting the best, focusing on construction and favorable demonstration, and each second-level department (department) shall recommend and declare the best。
      2.Application materials
      (1) Texas TechnologyVocational collegeThe paper copy of the teacher teaching Innovation team Declaration is in 5 copies。
      (2) Each secondary department (department) shall carefully organize the declaration materials, highlight the key points, strengthen the characteristics, and strictly review the declaration materials to ensure the authenticity of the materials。After being signed by the person in charge, please submit the paper version and electronic version of the application materials stamped with the official seal of the secondary department (department) to the Academic Affairs Office before May 25th. Contact person: Liu Yan, Email:。
      (2) Project approval
      The Academic Affairs Office organized experts to review, focused on the team construction plan, evaluated the proposed project construction team, and published online, and formally approved by the school after the project。
      (3) Management
      1.After the teaching team has established the project, it shall submit the Teaching Team Construction Task Book and carry out the implementation after approval。
      2.The construction period of the teaching team is three years, and each project team provides funds and project support every year。
      3.The teaching team realizes the annual examination system, and at the end of each year, the school organizes experts to listen to the annual construction report of the teaching team。The qualified annual assessment can allocate the next year's construction funds, the team that fails to pass the assessment must rectify within a time limit, the rectification is still unqualified, and the withdrawal process is done。
      4.After the completion of the construction, the school organized experts to check and accept the construction of the teaching team。
      All second-level departments (departments) are requested to effectively strengthen the leadership of the declaration and recommendation work, and conscientiously organize the recommendation work in line with the principle of openness and fairness。
                                                               Office of teaching affairs
                                                         May 15, 2023

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