Deco party cadres teaching and research frontline as pioneers

Date: 2023-06-29 Published by:Financial media center

       China Dezhou TechnologyVocational collegeThe Committee encourages teachers of Party members to play an exemplary and leading role in education, teaching and scientific research。The majority of party members and cadres in the whole school take the initiative to set an example and be pioneers in teaching and research。
       The construction of teacher team is very important to promote the professional growth of teachers, improve the effect of education and teaching, and promote the high-quality development of the college。In order to lead the majority of teachers to cultivate morality, devote themselves to learning, and explore and innovate, Xie Yanchun, the minister of the teachers' work Department of the Party Committee and the director of the Academic Affairs Office of the school, is led by a teacher team consisting of more than 40 professors, associate professors and senior engineers - a professional teaching team of mechatronics。Party members accounted for 62% of the team, and more than 65% of the "double teacher" teachers。In the team, there are not only leading talents of the national high-level talent special support plan, but also a number of provincial and municipal excellent teachers, technical experts, chief technicians, model workers and so on。In recent years, the team has completed 21 national, provincial and ministerial projects, declared 26 patents of various types, and won more than 20 national and provincial vocational skills competitions。Recently, the team was successfully selected into the third batch of "Huang Danian style Teachers Team in Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province".。"In the future, we will be more strict with ourselves in the aspects of teacher ethics, education and teaching, scientific research and innovation, social services, team building, etc., give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members in the team, strive to be the" big Mr. "in the new era, and be a" leading goose "and" spearhead "for the innovation and development of vocational education."。Xie Yanchun said。
       Curriculum reform is one of the key and difficult points in the innovation and development of higher vocational education。德科According to the characteristics of vocational education, Shao Shuhua, secretary of the Party branch and dean of the Internet Digital Economy College, firmly grasps the pulse of curriculum reform, takes "teaching, learning and doing" as the basis, and focuses on improving students' practical application ability。At the same time, adhere to the competition to promote learning, training on behalf of the competition, every year to lead and guide students to participate in all kinds of vocational skills competitions, won the second prize of Shandong Province network technology Competition for two consecutive years, Shandong Province vocational skills competition group third prize, she won the "skills Xing Lu" vocational technology competition (staff group) first prize。On the eve of May Day this year, Shao Shuhua won the honorary title of "Advanced Worker of Shandong Province"。
        College students, as a typical group, are full of imagination and creativity, and are a new force for innovation and entrepreneurship。In recent years, Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education, pays attention to strengthening the construction of "double innovation" teachers, and effectively promotes the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates。The college was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective of Employment and Entrepreneurship in Shandong Province" by Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shandong Provincial People's Government。A group of party members and teachers have made outstanding contributions by "taking the lead" and "carrying the main beam" in promoting "mass innovation" education。Zhang Rui, member of the Party branch of the school's Department of Business Management and associate professor, obtained the qualification of SⅠYB training instructor in 2019 and has trained more than 1,000 students in recent years,Not long ago, it passed the selection and assessment of national trainers of the "Malan Orchid" China Entrepreneurship training program,Become a national entrepreneurship trainer managed and dispatched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security。At present, only 331 people in the country have obtained this qualification, and only six people in Shandong Province。
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