Notice on the application for renewal of student loans in 2018

News Editor:Students' Affairs office Release date: 2018-05-17

 Each department (Department) :

In order to ensure2018-2019For the smooth progress of student credit loan work, according to the requirements of China Development Bank, all departments are requested to organize students who are willing to continue loans to complete the maintenance of personal information and the entry of loan renewal statements。The relevant contents are as follows:

First, the China Development Bank student loan

1Organize loan students to log in to the system to maintain personal information

CDB student loan students who need to apply for loan renewal should at least log into the "CDB Student Loan Online Service System" every year (次。In order to prevent students from being unable to apply for loan renewal due to negligence, all departments (departments) are requested to do a good job of publicity and organize students to complete the updating and maintenance of personal information。

2Organize loan students to fill in the renewal statement

Students who need to renew their loans should be sure to531Before logging in the "China Development Bank Student Loan Online Service system", in the "loan application" function "renewal Statement" column to fill in personal learning, living conditions and loan intentions and submit the "loan application" (word count about200字)。

The college will be610Recently, we completed the review of the loan renewal statement of the whole school students, and submitted it to the county financial aid center for final review after the initial review。Students can check the results after the school audit and print the renewal application form。

3, precautions

It is a new requirement that the loan students themselves log in the system to fill in the renewal loan statement in the operating rules of the student origin loan of China Development Bank。In the first two years of implementation, the outstanding problems are: not applying on time, filling in the content does not meet the requirements, the word count is not enough and other reasons led to repeated revisions and some students failed to apply。

Students who pass the college renewal loan review can go to the local education Bureau to go through the relevant procedures for renewal loan with the Application Form for renewal loan。For students who do not pass the review of the university, if they do not update the information in time, they will lose2018Annual loan eligibility。For students who do not apply for loan renewal, the system will consider that the student has given up automatically2018Annual loan eligibility。

2. First application process and loan application materials

Log in the student online service system, complete the registration, fill in the basic information of individual and co-lender, submit the loan application, print the application form and sign it。

2Students who pass the pre-application do not need to identify family financial difficulties, print the application form and sign it, and upload the application materials according to the system prompts。

3Students who do not pass the pre-application need to make a family financial hardship determination before going to the county-level financial assistance center to apply for the loan。(With the Application Form, go to the village committee (neighborhood committee) or any unit of the township (street) civil affairs department for identification of family economic difficulties)

4For the first application, the student and the co-borrower should bring the following application materials to the local county financial assistance management center。

1The original and photocopy of the identity card of the student and the co-borrower;

2Original or copy of admission letter or student ID card;

3Original application form。

Third, students must submit the "Loan Acceptance Certificate" to the school after the beginning of the school, the school teacher in the year1010Enter the electronic receipt before the date。

This work is a necessary prerequisite for students to renew loans at the source of the student loan, please all departments must attach great importance to, carefully guide and urge students to fill in according to the requirements, to ensure the success rate of loan renewal application。To enable more students in need of financial assistance to successfully complete the renewal of loans。



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