Schedule for the graduates of the class of 2018 (class of 2015) to receive their graduation certificates and go through graduation procedures

News Editor:Students' Affairs office Release Date: 2018-06-07

 I. Our Hospital2018届(2015The time for graduates to return to school to receive their graduation certificates and go through graduation procedures shall be set2018716——19Four days, the specific schedule of each department is as follows:


Departmental arrangement


Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering


Department of Economic and Management Arts (Accounting Computerization, E-commerce, Hotel Management)


Department of Economics and Management (Logistics Management, International Business, Business English, Art design, Decoration art design, news editing and production), Aviation School


Department of Information Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering,Continuing education学院

Second, all students who have applied for student loans in the school must630日前Log in China Development Bank student loanStudent Online Service System (,进行Personal information changes and graduation confirmation,Be sure to export the confirmation form, confirm that the information is correct, sign the fingerprint, and hand it in when you return to school to receive the graduation certificate。Otherwise, graduation procedures will not be handled。If you have any questions, please consult the counselor or the student section of each department。

Three, all graduates must be in620Submit your employment information (information content is attached) to the class counselor before the number, so as not to delay the employment dispatch procedures and not to get the registration certificate in time。In addition, all graduates are required to register on the Shandong College Graduates Employment Information Network.Students who have not "signed online" or have not submitted the Labor contract shall submit the Labor Contract to their department on the day of receiving the graduation certificate。

Fourth, in order to save the time of graduates, please graduates must pressReturn to school at the time specified by the department (major)。


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