A letter to parents of students in the Winter holiday of 2018

News Editor:Students' Affairs office Release date: 2018-01-14

 Dear parents,


Time flies, and a semester has passed in the blink of an eye。We sincerely thank you for your concern and support for our work all the time。On the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, all the teachers and students of our school would like to extend our sincere greetings and best wishes to you and your family!

The healthy growth and success of students is the greatest wish of teachers and parents, and we need to work together。Winter vacation is coming, we hereby inform you of the following matters, and hope that you can cooperate with us to complete the relevant work。

First, 2018 winter vacation time

The winter holiday of 2018 in our hospital is from January 15 to March 6, 2018。The spring semester of 2018 starts on March 7, students return to the campus on March 5 and 6 to register, and the evening self-study on March 6, and the formal class on March 7。

Second, let the child have a healthy and beneficial holiday

1Ask children to reasonably arrange work and rest time, develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and actively participate in physical exercise。

2Urge children to do some housework at home, and cultivate children's independent living ability and awareness。Avoid excessive indulgence in TV and the Internet to promote the healthy growth of children。

3Close contact with counselors, work together to do a good job of children's ideological work, so that children develop good habits of self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance。

4.Let children understand China's traditional festival culture and inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation。

Let the children have a safe and peaceful holiday

During the holidays, children have more time for free activities, and it is hoped that parents will strengthen the supervision of children, master their activities and whereabouts, understand their thinking, and do a good job in the safety education and management of children and the cultivation of good behavior habits during the holidays。During the holidays, please remind your children:

1Develop good living habits。Do not smoke, drink, gamble, do not read unhealthy books and videos, do not participate in feudal superstitious activities, and consciously resist all kinds of bad cultural influences。

2Pay attention to all kinds of safety matters and enhance security awareness。Pay attention to network security,Do not participate in Internet hype, heckling,Don't believe rumors, don't spread them,Be careful when making friends online;Pay attention to food safety,Pay attention to food hygiene,Practice good hygiene,Do not buy and eat "three nots" food,Prevent overeating;Pay attention to anti-fraud, fire, theft and lightning protection,Do not play in rivers, reservoirs, etc., or swim in rivers without permission;Educate children about the safety of setting off fireworks and firecrackers,Strictly prevent the occurrence of injury accidents;Not to participate in the activities of illegal organizations such as "sex, gambling, drugs", cult, pyramid selling;Do not participate in unlawful assembly,Stay away from crowded, crowded places,In case of an accident。

3The Spring Festival is the peak period for visiting relatives and friends, and it is also the period when all kinds of traffic safety accidents occur. Please educate your children not to take unlicensed and unlicensed vehicles with safety risks when going out, consciously abide by traffic regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to chase and play on the road to prevent traffic accidents。

4.Observe social morality and public order。When going out, be polite, keep order, not crowded, take good care of public facilities and property, and always reflect Texas technologyVocational collegeThe spirit of the students。

Dear parents, life is infinitely beautiful, and safety is more important than Mount Tai。Winter vacation life is fleeting,Your child's holiday life cannot be separated from your guidance, discipline, education and supervision,Please pay more attention to your child's study and life,Communicate with them more, give them more love, and be more understanding and tolerant of them,Properly guide children to make a reasonable schedule,In order to spend a full, happy and meaningful winter vacation,And can be full of energy and full of emotions to meet the arrival of the new semester。

  Finally, once again, I wish you and your family a happy Spring Festival, peace and good luck, and a happy life!I wish your child health and success!



                                             Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology Qingdao campus

                                    2018January 14