The Student Affairs Office organizes the examination of Student Manual and Safety Knowledge Manual

News Editor:Students' Affairs office Release Date: 2018-11-29

 In order to understand2018Freshman pairStudent handbook安全知识手册The mastery of the situation, so that freshmen better abide by the school rules and discipline and protect themselves, our college in1128Sunday evening is organized in the classrooms of each department2018级New progressionStudent handbook安全知识手册Exam, the exam by the department of counselors to proctor, our hospital2018Grade 1 freshmen take the examStudents' Affairs officeDirector Cao Rende is rightExamination discipline inspection shall be conducted at each test site。

Learning makes people strive。After more than a month of independent study, many freshmen expressed confidence in the exam, but others said they were not ready for the exam。The examination content mainly includes closely related to the student status management, awards and grants, dormitory management, etc., while involving the school teaching, management and other rules and regulations and discipline, focusing on the examination and daily management of violations of discipline and the treatment of students' life safety inside and outside the school。七点After counting the paper, everyone picked up their pens and began to answer the questions. The room was very quiet except for the rustle of writing。Some students frowned at first, then quickly picked up their pens to write。The students involved in the exam are bowing their heads and writing quickly, answering every question seriously, wanting to draw a perfect full stop for their first exam。八点Thirty pointsUpon arrival, the invigilator collected the exam papers in turn。After leaving the examination room, many students looked relaxed and said that the exam was not difficult。

As the saying goes:"Nothing can be accomplished without rules",此次The examination is helpful for the freshmen of our college to standardize their own words and deeds, and at the same time, it can help them to have a deeper understanding of various student-related policies of our college, and let them see the code of conduct and action direction as a qualified college studentSo as to guide the new students to better study and life。It is reported that after the exam papers will be sent to the student office for marking, and the results will be announced in the near future。