The recruitment work of college students in our hospital was praised by the superior

News Editor: Release date: 2019-05-05

    According to the "Shandong Provincial Department of Education, Shandong Provincial People's Government Recruitment Office of Recruitment Work of college students in the Province Notice" (Lu Zheng [2019] 2) document,The number of college students joining the army issued by the provincial recruitment office in 2018 is 169,The actual number of recruits (excluding college freshmen and former students) reached 185,The actual number of enlistment ranks 8th in the province,Exceeding the enlistment guidance plan。The document mentions, "Texas TechVocational collegeThe form master and questionnaire magnitude platform were used to carry out investigation and accurate statistical analysis of students' recruitment intention information, and the work operation was standardized and orderly。”
    当前,Preparations for the 2019 draft have been fully launched,The Student Affairs Office will continue to make recruitment a priority,Strengthen the organization and leadership of the recruitment work of college students,Timely publicity and launch through a variety of channels,Do a good job of policy interpretation patiently and carefully,To promote the recruitment work of our college in 2019 to achieve new development,Make new breakthroughs。