The fifth "Qingma Project" training course for league cadres of our college Youth League Committee has started!

News Editor: Youth League Committee Release Date: 2019-11-27


      1127At 16:00, by the Communist Youth League Dezhou Science and TechnologyVocational collegeThe opening ceremony of the fifth "Qingma Project" league cadre training sponsored by the Qingdao Campus Committee was held in the film and television theater。Dezhou Science and Technology Vocational College Qingdao Campus President Xu Zhili, vice president Li Jinmin, full-time deputy secretary of the Party office director Peng Bao-en, League secretary Yue Xiao, deputy secretary Cao Rende and the department of the league branch secretary attended the meeting。All league school cadres participated in the training。The opening ceremony was presided over by Yue Xiao。


A strong youth makes a strong country


At the beginning of the meeting, everyone stood up and sang a group song。


Secretary Peng led everyone to review the oath of joining the league。

Dean Xu Zhili made an important speech at the opening ceremony, he said,2007Youth League Central Committee launches "Young Marxists Training Project",Tsing Ma Project,It aims at effective ways such as education training and practical exercise,Constantly improve the ideological and political quality, policy theory level, innovation and practice ability and organization and coordination ability of youth groups such as college students, league leaders and young intellectuals,To enable the majority of young backbone to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs of following the socialist path with Chinese characteristics with the Party,Grow into a qualified builder and reliable successor of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics。In order to better carry out the work of the league school in the future, Xu Zhili, on behalf of the Party Committee of the college, put forward several requirements to all students:


First, I hope everyone seize the opportunity, study hard, improve quality, enhance the advanced nature of thought。


Second, I hope that we aim high, firm confidence, build faith, and enhance the advanced nature of the ideal。


Third, I hope that everyone can take the initiative, explore and innovate, integrate knowledge and action, and enhance the advanced nature of action。




The Youth League Committee carefully selected and arranged the courses of "Qingma Project", not only gave the Youth League cadres knowledge in the classroom, but also taught them to fish, telling the youth League cadres a way to choose and learn knowledge, and what they learned will become an important cornerstone for the future life of the Youth League cadres。





The recitation of the "Chinese Youth" brought by the "Campus Voice" radio and television station encourages the league school cadres to have confidence in themselves as a Communist Youth League member, stand up their chest, and move forward courageously towards the future。